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Digital Marketing Officer

Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines


About the Role


- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- High level of organization and attention to detail
- Comfort with multi-tasking in a deadline-driven environment
- Understanding of basic business and marketing concepts
- Excellent time management skills
- Outgoing personality with strong interpersonal and social abilities
- Ability to spot emerging trends
- Familiarity with social media, social networking, email marketing and search engines
- Demonstrated problem solving and critical thinking skills
Social Media Management
- Conceptualize content plan
- Produce photo and video content for posting on social media platforms
- Schedule regular postings on Facebook and Instagram
- Set ads for sponsored content
- Create analysis report for previous month

Community Management
- Engages with Facebook and Instagram communities
- Coordinates with sales and operations team with regards to customer inquiries and concerns as needed

Photoshoot Management
- Conceptualize shoot pegs for campaign
- Coordinate with Design and Merchandising team for styling
- Contact suppliers for models, venue, photographer, make-up artist, props, accessories and other photoshoot materials
- Ensure smooth photoshoot flow and monitors completeness and quality of photos taken

E-Commerce Channels and Website Design and Content Management
- Regularly updates design and content of the website, Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora (as well as other future e-commerce platforms)

Promotions Management for Online Platforms
- Develops brand-initiated promotions for the various online platforms
- Ensures brand participation in relevant platform-initiated promotions and collections to maximize brand exposure and online sales
- Coordinates with Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora account managers assigned for promo participation, brand exposure opportunities and other concerns

E-mail and SMS marketing
- Regularly creates materials for cascading to email newsletter subscribers
- Composes and arranges SMS communications for cascading to loyalty members

- Builds relationship with other companies, stylists and influencers for brand collaborations

Market Research
- Monitors campaigns and promotional activities of major competitors and produces Competitor Activity Report
- Conducts consumer surveys/focus group discussions, analyzes data gathered and gives recommendations for future improvements


About the Company

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