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Suncoast Brands, Great Choice for Great Bodies

MANILA, Philippines — Slimmers World International celebrated its 25th anniversary with the highly anticipated 2023 Great Bodies competition - the ultimate quest for the most sculpted and athletic physique across the nation. Held last November 9 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, it marked a triumphant return to in-person gatherings and training after two years of virtual gatherings and home workouts. With the theme, “The Bodies of the Future,” this event signified a momentous milestone for Slimmers World, which not only underscored the resilience of the Filipino fitness community, but also spotlighted the dedication of Filipino bodybuilders across Metro Manila.

As a leading force in the fitness industry, Slimmers World International spared no expense in making its 25th anniversary celebration unforgettable. The fitness community reconvened after a 2-year hiatus from physical events, uniting to celebrate health, strength, and determination. Athletes from across Metro Manila flaunted their prowess in flexibility, aerobics, and muscle-building, creating an arena to spotlight extraordinary dedication and hardwork as competitors vied for the prestigious title of the Great Bodies 2023 champion.

Integral to the success of Great Bodies 2023 was the support of key sponsors, with Suncoast Brands emerging as a standout contributor. With a commitment to promoting healthy and active lifestyles, Suncoast Brands proved to be the perfect partner for an event celebrating the epitome of fitness.

Suncoast Brands also actively engaged with the fitness community in the days leading up to the competition. Prior to the grand spectacle, Suncoast Brands graced two Slimmers World branches - Megamall and Bonifacio Global City - providing gym-goers samples of Skinny Mamas and Emco Musli products, as well as Vitaminboost, Lightwater, and Natrue drinks. These meaningful interactions not only allowed athletes to savor these products firsthand, but also served as a testament to Suncoast’s interest in fostering wellness.

The distinctive fusion of nutritional benefits and delicious taste quickly became a favorite among the fitness community. This sentiment resonated not only within Slimmers World’s various branches, but also echoed resoundingly during the competition itself. Enthusiasts and attendees alike flocked to the Suncoast Brands’ booth, where they indulged in sampling the diverse product offerings and tried their luck to take home these wellness treasures for themselves.

As Slimmers World International charts its course into the future with renewed vigor and resolve, Suncoast Brands stands in solidarity — championing the cause of wellness and excellence in the world of fitness.

With the fitness landscape undergoing continual transformation, Great Bodies 2023 is destined to be remembered as a pivotal milestone in the journey of athletes toward a healthier and more active future; highlighting the pursuit of excellence in the realm of physical fitness.


Suncoast Brands International Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural, healthy, and high-quality food and beverage products. With the ultimate goal to unlock the full potential of nature, Suncoast strives to create healthy and natural products that are also affordable and accessible for all. Today, Suncoast Brands has expanded its distribution channels across several supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesalers, and institutional clients in the Philippines. Suncoast Brands creates solutions to enhance the quality of life of consumers. Furthering the advocacy for health and wellness, Suncoast aims to continuously empower individuals to make informed choices that enable them to live healthier and happier lives.


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